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Middlefork Water Treatment Plant

Posted on: August 19th, 2013
  • engineeringDesigned a trench-style finished water wet well which utilized 5 duty and 1 stand by vertical turbine, 600 hp pumps. Pump capacity was 2800 gpm at a TDH of 680 feet for the Middlefork Water Treatment Plant to increase capacity to 12 mgd.
  • Designed new finished water pump station which also housed the backwash pumps.
  • New chemical facility, chemical feed pumps, and chemical storage tanks were designed to dose: sodium permanganate, chlorine dioxide, powder activated carbon, polyaluminum chloride (PACl), polymer, fluoride, and a swing chemical (sodium hydroxide or alternative coagulant).
  • Designed a gaseous chlorine facility with vacuum system, storage, and feed for 30 day supply with 1-ton cylinders, and scrubber system for 1-ton chlorine gas release were also designed for this system.
  • New flocculation basins, in-line mixer, and raw water meter were included in design.
  • A 4,500 gallon surge tank and pump control valves designed for this project provided protection for the force main from low pressure surges.