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Firm History

In 2003, Brian K. Upson, P.E. founded Paragon Consulting Group, with the idea of bringing a uniquely qualified, full-service engineering and consulting firm to the market. He wanted to create a team known for its expertise and he carefully, thoughtfully built PCG into the cadre of consultative experts demanded by government and private sector clients of all types and sizes.

Today, PCG continues to innovate, offering game-changers such as the “value engineered product” – our most economical solutions and options based on the site restrictions packaged for ease of planning and implementation. We continue to seek ways to cut red tape and expedite design and engineering processes. Time is money and we want to save both for our clients.

Give PCG the time to learn about your vision. Then let us use the strengths we’ve built over the years to deliver the success you demand. It’s how PCG has operated for a more than a decade, and how we’re committed to building success in the many years to come.